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9 Signs You're Spiritually Healthy-Even when you feel otherwise

You don't over-do it, but you don't under-do it either.

You're studying your bible, getting as much of the word of God as you can, yet it feels like something is lacking. Self-examination doesn't help, nor does checking if you should stop doing this or that, which leaves you wondering: "Am I spiritually healthy, am I pleasing to the Lord?"

Just because it feels like you're not in good spiritual shape, doesn't mean you're slacking on your spiritual health. There are all sorts of ways to measure your spiritual health levels that have nothing to do with how you are feeling spiritually. Here are 9 signs you're in good spiritual health even if you feel you aren't.

1. Knowing for yourself, that your heart is right with God

Keeping your heart and mind on Jesus will give you perfect peace

"People who are spiritually healthy, are not overanxious. Their minds are at rest. Therefore, their spiritual heart rate is lower." Says sPA at Spiritual Body Clinic. Their spiritual heart pumps more efficiently with stronger beats. Check your spiritual heartrate in the morning for the most accurate reading by reading the word of God before doing anything else. Not doing this may indicate high spiritual blood pressure, spiritual heart disease or other concerns.

2. Your spiritual witness is more effective, You are not gossiping on Facebook or Twitter

Witnessing is a good sign that you are spiritually healthy

Is your cellphone or tablet the first thing you pick up in the morning to check out what others are saying or doing? Are you keeping tabs on your peers? Don’t be a busybody. Ponder over what you just read and see what the Lord is saying to you about your day. If you're tempted to get on the phone or text or tweet you may be out of spiritual shape. However, if you are in control and you're able to keep your mind off of the things of the world, you might be in better spiritual health than you think.

3. Settle your spiritual mind quickly

Chill out

Your spiritual Physician Assistant recommends prayer. "If you are able to settle your spiritual mind and pray in the spirit, you're in good spiritual health. The faster you go back to settling your mind, the better in shape you are in spiritually.” Your spiritual Physician recommends you to turn on your audio bible and listen for a few minutes then see how quickly your spiritual mind settles down.

4. You meditate on the Word consistently-both day and night

Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together

Even if you're not reading an entire chapter every day, getting enough bible reading each week does make a difference. If you're getting at least 105 minutes per week, that’s 15 minutes per day of bible reading and more in prayer, you're probably on your way to a spiritually healthy body. The sPA’s at Spiritual Body Clinic recommends that adults get 30 minutes of moderate-intensity bible study at mid-week service per week (150 minutes total) or you can kick it up a notch and do a higher-intensity bible study for Sunday School here for at least 25 minutes three times per week (75 minutes).

5. The spiritual aspects of parenting children is crucial

Train up a child

Letting your children see you reading the word, letting them hear you pray before meals and for difficult situations should be a daily occurrence for spiritually healthy parenting. If you're carrying your child to church and Sunday School with you even when they are in their teen years, and even when they resist going, there's a good chance you're in better spiritual shape than you think.

6. Resistance from others don't scare you

Do not fear

When given the choice between talking about the Lord, watching television, which one do you choose? If you said talking about the Lord, you're probably more spiritually healthy than you realize. In fact, people who witness to others that don’t care to listen are generally more spiritually healthy than those who don't.

7. You have a variety of spiritual reading materials

You switch it up, with what you study, no problem.

If your weekly studies are sprinkled with a variety of wholesome reading materials, your spiritual body will benefit from the variety and challenges that comes with stimulating your spiritual body’s different muscles. Spiritual strength training can be found in learning how to treat others, reading a 21th Century parable, or learning of the many studies of the bible, the list goes on and on. If you can easily alternate between different types of spiritual reading material, you're probably in better spiritual health shape than you think.

8. You feel spiritually at ease

You feel relaxed

Do you have peace of mind? How about your spiritual energy level through the day? If you're staying calm at night and increasing your spiritual walk through the day, you're probably in better spiritual health than you think you are. Even if you're not seeing results from your viewpoint.

9. Your spiritual body is in good shape

You're happy and it shows.

The connection between your natural body’s health and your spiritual body’s health is clear. Having a healthy natural and spiritual body develops when you are caring for them both by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and by improving your spiritual self-esteem.

Visit Spiritual Body Clinic for your natural and spiritual body needs.

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