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Working Together

Picture of Anthony and Pam the owners

Our sPA's

Anthony and Pamala Harvey

Founders of El Shanah Ministry,

Spiritual Body Clinic,

and a published author

Anthony is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He served in the Marines as a security guard in Bucharest, Romania, Brussels, Belgium, Nicosia, Cyprus, visited Israel, served in Bern, Switzerland and  finally Frankfurt, Germany. While in Belgium he attended the University of Maryland, studying Anthropology. Anthony was discharged in Philadelphia, PA and later re-entering the Marines after a brief stint in the Army. Being stationed in Yuma, AZ serving as a plane captain while attending Arizona Western College studying General Studies being selected as a member of Phi Theta Kappa Society. Anthony then moved to Dallas and graduated from Dallas Institute of Funeral Services, later becoming a funeral director. He opened Harvey Funeral Chapel in Yuma and Phoenix. Anthony is an ordained preacher with sound bible teaching founding El Shanah Ministry and Spiritual Body Clinic for spiritual health and wellness.


Pamala has been in the healthcare profession for over forty years serving in the ER and most of the time as a health unit secretary while also working in the funeral home.


Because of their extensive knowledge of the human body and being active members of the body of Christ they compared the two to find their similarities. They found scriptural similarities in them, and they decided to open Spiritual Body Clinic to help heal those that have spiritual ailments and offer spiritual products as well as natural products to help heal and care for the natural body and spiritual body. 


We are the only Spiritual Body Clinic offering spiritual healthcare to the spiritual body's hurting members.


As spiritual Physician Assistants (sPA) they put forth their medical and spiritual knowledge to make both the natural and spiritual body whole and healthy.

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