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Checking in for your spiritual evaluation is easy. Whether this is your first visit or one of our many returning friends, we will provide you with friendly and discreet spiritual help to help you get mentally and spiritually whole again. Trying to become a better person at times is difficult, trying to forgive someone can also be challenging. We will guide you through your visit and point you towards the right path to get you there.


Make sure these are part of your routine

Church Interior
Running a Marathon


your bible

Attend church regularly 

Finish the race that is set before you

Make it a habit to read and study the scriptures everyday

Find a bible believing church and attend bible study and worship service

You don't have to finish first, but finish the race


Must Read 


Where do you fit in?

Bookcover Anatomy of the spiritual body.jpg

The Anatomy of The Spiritual Body, this is a work of inspiration for those who want to become a part of the spiritual body and for those that are in the spiritual body but may be functioning as a hand when their actual function is foot. Many members of the spiritual body are functioning, but they are misplaced. As you read this book, you will be shown where you fit in.

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Spiritual Bottled Water

The Health Benefits of Drinking Spiritual Water Daily 

Bottle water sm color.jpg

Benefits of Drinking Spiritual Water Getting enough spiritual water (prayer) every day is important for your spiritual health. Drinking spiritual water (prayer) can prevent spiritual dehydration, a condition that can cause unclear spiritual thinking, resulting in spiritual mood change, cause your spiritual body to overheat, and lead to spiritual constipation and spiritual kidney stones. Spiritual water has no calories, so it can also help with managing spiritual body weight and reducing junk calorie intake when drank in place of unfervent prayers.

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Bread and Water Diet

Creative Diet for the Spiritual Body

Healthy Woman

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Sunday School

Sunday School Is A Family Affair. Join Our Class Online

Family in Church

You can join in our class at Lots of the teachers for Sunday School class are talking about other things instead of the lesson. The teacher should have studied the lesson and be prepared to teach it and to make it simple enough for even a child to understand. Many are trying to show their knowledge of the Greek and Hebrew words, and this can confuse many in attendance. Many times, the lesson is rushed because the morning service is getting ready to begin. Questions are left unanswered, and students lose interest in attending and choose to go elsewhere instead of attending Sunday School. With our online class we stick to the lesson, not talking about what happened during the week, covering up the lack of their understanding of the lesson. We are giving you an opportunity to get involved in the lesson with us, ask and answer questions. The lessons are available online printed in their entirety, without comments from an editorial staff member. They (the editorial staff) give their opinions of what they think the lesson is conveying, but you may have a different view which is not wrong also. We are not trying to discourage reading what others have to say in the Sunday School books, but what they have to say is not the final say. You are invited to attend and discuss the lesson without being rushed. Please join us.

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